As design lies at the heart of our profession, many projects are submitted to our designer. A project mostly starts with a briefing by our client, or by inspiring ourselves from an existing item. By defining possible colour combinations, style, shape, materials, we work concepts out which are then imaged with the help of dedicated software.

We then submit our first proposals to our client in order to get his feedback, and rework them if necessary until finalization so as to respond as accurately as possible to the initial request.

After approval of the final version, we start the prototype stage. To this end, we have in portfolio competent industrial partners covering all categories of products we propose. Upon receiving the sample, we analyze all its aspects so as to reconcile to the best design, quality and price criteria.

After internal approval, the sample is submitted to you before the confirmation of a possible order. In conclusion, design is an essential dimension of our work which enables us to demonstrate our edge by elaborating trendy concepts. This way, your campaigns will become unique, and their success will be assured.