Essential steps from the creation of the product till the delivery:

I. Request / Create:
Two options :
– We submit some of our products which we consider to be in line with your company’s brand or image.
– You send us briefs on the basis of which we elaborate the complete development of your article(s). To simplify the process, we produce internally some images of the products we will submit via e-mail.

II. Sample / Development:
We submit to you some samples chosen and developed for you. The articles selected are based on your own style, on the budget defined, are following the original inquiry and try to stick to the customers targeted.
Our regular suppliers are able to work on a short timing and can finalize promptly some prototypes in good quality.

III. Approval / Order:
Upon determination of the budget and selection of the article, an approval sample is submitted to you before validating your order. Once the order is confirmed, we take follwing actions at our expense : factory selection, audits, production timing, checking of raw materials, testing, quality controls, verification before and during loading.

IV. Shipping / Distribution:
Once the order is completed, tested and found to be compliant, we take care of export procedures and documents. We can also ensure your product deliveries in one or more countries.