01. Analyze your market

02. Study of your brand and your communication

03. Understanding the target audience

04. Development and design of a moodboard

05. DAO and proposals for collections and articles

Creation and personality

Today, innovation is a key driver for the development of any business and that requires a creative team able to meet the needs of our customers.

That’s what XY Design & Diffusion does best. Between creation, personality and coherence, we support you as a force of proposal and help you achieve common objectives, develop new markets.

XY Design & Diffusion

Top quality

The key to our world of consumption is based on a top quality, a customer must be satisfied. In this era of Internet, online purchases, mobile applications and social networks, a happy customer let it know about it and remains loyal.

This is why we have developed strategic and unique industrial management tools that guarantee the highest standards and controls possible in this market. We can satisfy you and guarantee delivery on time but above all a quality consistent with the sample and traceability of production.

01. Organization of production lines

02. Time management and daily capacities

03. Analysis of bottlenecks

04. Quality control at different steps

05. Conformity of the standards according to production batches followed by laboratory tests

06. Control of packaging and product preservation